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Beetronics Buzzter - Boost, Preamp

Beetronics Buzzter - Boost, Preamp

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Beetronics Buzzter - Boost, Preamp

Model Overview:

The Beetronics Buzzster is a practical solution to all your tone boosting needs, offering to easily switchable boost presets to give your tone the extra lift and crunch it need to cut through in any situation, be it pushing the front end of your tube amp or giving you that extra bit of headroom you need for soloing.

The Buzzster features a simple control layout and dual footswitch design. The Honey knob controls the level of gain you boost your tone by, while Nectar and Pollen set the level of each footswitch preset. The Buzzster is perfect for using as an always on Boost that pushes your amp, while also being able to be used as a traditional clean headroom boost pedal all at the click of a footswitch!

Beetronics pedals are all lovingly handmade in California, and their range boasts some of the most aesthetically and tonally exciting boutique pedals we have heard. With a focus on unique sounding gain pedals, Beetronics are a cult favourite for players looking for fuzz and drive tones that you won't find anywhere else. On top of this, their distinctive aged metal enclosures and bee themed PCB layouts ensure that they ooze cool, while their handmade design means no two are exactly alike.

Model Specs:

  • Two in one Boost pedal
  • Boost level control with 
  • Dry signal blend makes it versatile enough for use with Bass and other instruments
  • 10dB of cut or boost on high and low frequencies with independent EQ controls
  • Buzz switch adds treble boost to cut through any mix
  • Seamlessly transition through different gain tones
  • 9V DC powered, True Bypass
  • Handmade in California

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