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New! Fender Bassbreaker amps

Posted by Stuart O'Hara on


Everything you need to know about Fender's newest series of amps - The Bassbreaker. Coming soon to Vintage Guitar Boutique.

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Bassbreaker amps
The Bassbreaker series is what happens when Fender goes to the dark side. Providing more overdriven, gritty tone instead of its traditional cleans. This new series of heads, cabinets and combo amplifiers is a new chapter in the history of Fender amplification, offering players a new, distinctive Fender style. The series offers alternative settings designed for the player in search of a harder, heavier sound and a dark and devious new spin on classic Fender styling. Each one is not only super pedal-friendly, but also extremely versatile, with a variety of head, cab and combo configurations. 

The new series takes the 45-watt 1959 Bassman platform and “breaks” it, with early Fender block-letter logo, black tweed covering, and refined pointer knobs hinting at this stylistic evolution

The choice of EL-34 and EL-84 power tubes hint at amps from the British companies who “borrowed” Fender circuits in the 1960s. The sound is pure, unadulterated tube goodness

As well as the 45-watt flagship, there are also lower wattage models that are particularly suited to a variety of uses and venues. Each Bassbreaker in the series has a unique application and feature set, all with the professional tone and demeanor that today’s rock players will appreciate. 

Fender amplifiers are true purveyors of the “Fender sound,” heard on the greatest recordings and during the most renowned performances of all time. Each one lays the foundation for personal and tonal exploration—a simple and versatile companion for guitarists/bassists of all types as they proceed on their own musical journeys and shape their unique sounds.

Take a look at the info below to see what's available in the Bassbreaker series.


Bassbreaker 18/30 - It's All About The Power Tubes
Bassbreaker 18/30 -  2x12 Combo

  • (4) EL84 tubes for aggressive midrange tonality

  • Channel 1 is a 30-Watt version of the BlackfaceTM Fender DeluxeTM for bell-like clean tones

  • Channel 2 is an 18-Watt version of the 1961 brown DeluxeTM amp for clean tones that can be easily cranked into warm, greasy overdrive

  • Footswitch for channel selection is included

  • Because it’s got vintage Fender circuitry, it is extremely pedal-friendly

  • 2 x 12" Celestion V-type speakers in combo


Bassbreaker - The Tone Shaper for Sound and Studio
Bassbreaker 15 - 1x12 Combo
Bassbreaker 15 Head (pairs with BB-112 or 212 Enclosure)

Bassbreaker 15 amp

  • (2) EL84 tubes for aggressive midrange tonality

  • Supercharged with all new circuitry

  • Hot, tight, tasty “boutique” distortion character

  • Gain Structure knob accesses three different tonal flavors from mild to wild, with overdrive capabilities to match

  • Recording-friendly features include: Power Amp Mute, XLR line output with Speaker Emulation ON/OFF switch

  • Hall reverb

  • 1 x 12" Celestion V-type speaker in combo and in BB-112 and 212 enclosures

  • Available in combo and head & cabinet versions


Bassbreaker - The Secret Agent
Bassbreaker 007 1x10 Combo
Bassbreaker 007 Head (pairs with BB-112 Enclosure)

Bassbreaker 007 amp

  • Moderately sized, with 7 watts of big, fat crunchy tones

  • Single EL84 power tube; true Class “A” operation

  • Vintage “Treble Booster” circuit for extra gain and harmonics; can be switched from front panel or optional 1-button footswitch

  • Simple 1⁄4" line out for use with a larger amp or recording equipment

  • 1 x 10" Celestion TEN 30 speaker (in combo only)

  • Available in combo and head & cabinet versions

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