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Tom Murphy Aged ’58 Gibson Les Paul Standard Reissue

Posted by John Blanco on

GREAT NEWS! We’ve just acquired a stunning Tom Murphy aged ’58 Les Paul Standard! … And what a guitar this is! I’m sure you will be familiar with Tom’s work – he is Gibson’s go-to-guy for refinishes and ageing/relic’ing simply because he is the best in the business.

The ’58 plaintop reissue we have acquired is one of his earliest examples from when he had his own company Guitar Preservation. Eager to build his reputation, Tom would handpick the best Gibson reissues he could find, and go about painstakingly ageing them by hand to recreate the look and feel of a vintage model – the holy grail that is the Burst!

His skills nowadays are put to use on Gibson’s top end reissues which are in high demand. This example already has 14 or so years under its belt, and can only increase in visual appeal and value considering the rarity and demand.


Cheers all!


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